Pre-Set Menu

Pre-Set Menu


Pre-Set Menu

We propose

already prepared Set-menus for 2 people

based on seafood, meat, vegetarian and pasta options.

(minimum order of 2 for each Set Menu)

How it works:

1• I download the pre-set 3 courses menu either from the website of the restaurant, or from the page on facebook or instagram.

2•I make my choice by the pre-set menus (seafood-meat-vegetarian-pasta) and the wine list

3• I place my order

between 10am and 5pm
by email at
or by calling at
+30 22840 42177

(I don't forget to notice the desirable delivery time)

4• I receive a confirmation email

5• My order goes to the kitchen...

6• On the day of delivery, I accept a phone call from the restaurant with the more details

7• My order arrives!

I pay our partner either by card or with cash.


Delivery Map

(delivery aereas , marked with blue colour)

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